Our Story/Eco/Our Commitments

With increasingly stark demonstrations of the catastrophic effects of climate
change, we feel it’s imperative that we all do as much as we can to help battle
against it. Like most of us here at Tom Foolery, we’re far from perfect yet, but
we do try to be forward thinking and are always looking for ways in which to
reuse resources.

In our shop in beautiful Shoreham by Sea, we collect any milk left over from
when we spin it for your coffee and use it to make our own yummy yoghurt to
serve with our equally yummy homemade granola. Coffee grounds are great
for the garden, so each day we bag up ours and leave them available for you to
collect. Pick up some next time you’re in, your begonias will thank you. We
offer double loyalty stamps for a full month with the purchase of one of our re-
usable cups. Brilliant local artist Lizzy Lee created these beautiful lampshades
from our milk bottles. Yes, really! And, most importantly, we switch our
baristas off at night.