PUCKPUCK Cold Brew Drip for AeroPress + 250g Coffee

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PUCKPUCK Cold Brew Drip for AeroPress + 250g Fool's Gold Coffee

Enjoy the smooth taste of slow dripped coffee at home through your AeroPress.

This PUCKPUCK allows for a controlled slow dripping of water over a bed of coffee, creating a uniquely versatile brew that can be enjoyed over ice, with milk or even as a mixer with your cocktails!

  • Pocketable form factor (only 2.4cm tall and 6.8cm wide)
  • Patent pending 2-part plastic screw valve for almost infinite adjustability
  • 500ml plastic water VESSEL
  • Included SPLASH FILTER for assisted water dispersion
  • Made from food grade (BPA free) plastics
  • Free Drip Counter App -Apple / Android
  • Only works with the AeroPress® Coffee Maker (not included)
  • Comes in PUCKPUCK Blue colour

Fool’s Gold Coffee: Our legendary, exclusive house blend created in partnership with the wonderful folks at Horsham Roaster. Smooth and rich with tasting notes of chocolate, nuts and cherry. You can only buy it here but now you can drink it anywhere!